Sunday, September 11, 2011

We look back, still we go on

Photo by Celeste Farrell-Pereira.
Photo by LF.

Photos by A Pereira.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Save FDNY Engine Co. 220

Mayor Bloomberg has placed Fire Engine Company 220 on his FDNY hit list. Join Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Councilmember Brad Lander, and Park Slope's Steve Buscemi in front of the firehouse at 530 11th Street this Wednesday, May 25 at 11AM. If you can't make the Rally, see below for other ways to get involved.

From Brad Lander's Office:

As we all found out last week, Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to close FDNY Engine 220, which is located at 530 11th Street in Park Slope. This is one of 20 FDNY companies (including 8 in Brooklyn) that the mayor is proposing to close as part of this year’s budget.

If the Bloomberg Administration is allowed to proceed with this closure, response times at fires will increase dramatically in our community. Arrival of the second truck – necessary to get water on the fire – would go from 4:08 to 5:24 (a 30% increase). Across the city, 18 of the 20 affected communities would exceed the national 4 minute standard. An extra minute to get an engine company to a fire can be the difference between life and death!

The fight to save Engine 220 begins now.

Here’s how you can help:

“Save Engine 220” morning rally: Wed, May 25 at 11 am with Steve Buscemi & Public Advocate Bill deBlasio at 530 11th Street

“Save Engine 220” evening rally: Thurs, May 26 at 7 pm with Assemblymember Jim Brennan at 530 11th Street

Email Mayor Bloomberg: Go to my website to send a message to the mayor, telling him to keep Engine 220 open.

Call Mayor Bloomberg: Register your complaint by calling 311.

Sign our petition: Stop by my office at 456 5th Ave, between 9th and 10th Street, to sign my petition. Pick up some extra copies to bring to your neighbors as well.

City-wide march & rally: I will be in touch about some upcoming city-wide rallies in support of keeping all 20 firehouses open.

I appreciate all your help in the effort to save FDNY Engine 220, and hope that you will join me in working to keep our neighborhood safe.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unbroken But Still Unplowed

Remember this joke from the Lindsay days? The Mayor has a new snow removal program: it's called July.

The last drop of snow fell on Windsor Terrace well over 50 hours ago, yet 16th Street remains unplowed.

Windsor Place wasn't plowed until about 5:30 last night and remains fairly impassable.

Yes, there was a lot of snow and wind and drifting, but there's no question that the City cheaped up in its response: very few plows were seen salting the roads on Christmas night, and nearly none the following day. Whatever the Bloomberg administration may have saved by not paying Sanitation workers to do the job they do so well, it cost the city far more in lost sales and business. And good will.

No doubt many of you have seen these pictures from Sheepshead Bites. I blame the Mayor and I blame everyone who perverted democracy by enabling his power-grabbing third term. You get what you pay for.